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15 Day Diet Plan Review

15 day diet plan fruitsThere are many weight loss plans and diets available in the market as well as online. Are you interested to know the best diet plans that will help you to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks?

I have been searching online for weight loss programs for the past few years with no answers.
Then, I had to discover this dilemma: if it is physically and theoretically possible to lose one pound in 24 hours under specific conditions, then it should be possible to lose 15 pounds in 15 days!

What is this diet plan? How can I lose 15 pounds in 15 days?

15 day diet plan benefits

In simple terms, the 15-day diet plan is a special training diet and exercise program that will describe to you day by day:
1. INTRODUCTION: Adopting the right mindset for successful weight loss
2. DIET: The suitable foods to have and when to eat, so you do not have to be anxious about what to eat.
3. EXERCISE: Ways to exercise efficiently and get double results in half the time
4. SUPPLEMENTS: The supplements you need to take to increase the weight loss process.
5. MAINTENANCE: How to maintain your results so they don't go down the drain.

With the reliable support of these guides, it will teach you how to proceed to make the best out of the weight loss process.

I believe a lot of people fail to complete a diet plan because the diet plan contains food products they dislike, little exercise, or lack of adequate instructions. I will explain this review into different categories so you can find useful information and tips on how to purchase quickly.


There are many pros to consider:


1. They offer digital delivery guides on foods items, meal replacement and maintenance to choose from so you will not find the menu boring at all.
2. The diet plan is affordable
3. The diet plan has been well researched by Johns Hopkins and found to produce adequate weight loss.
4. Easy to follow the eating plan for breakfasts, lunch, and dinner.
5. The diet plan offers a maintenance guide to reduce weight loss
6. The daily exercise schedule guides are easy to follow.
7. Meal replacement options, if you are vegetarian you can still benefit.
8. Adequate information on why some food products are better than others.


1. Users must be ready to follow this diet plan
2. This diet plan involves balance eating, so no excess consumption of one food items over another.
3. The diet plan is not recommended for patients suffering from morbid obesity.
4. You need to follow the diet plan so as to lose weight within the 15 day period.
5. The diet is a low-calorie program which takes more time to get used to it.
What makes this program exceptional from other weight loss programs?

These diet guides are best sources of information that can be recommended many times as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is always good to understand the functions of foods will consume in our bodies. It is also important to know the effective and safe way to exercise our bodies.

The problem with weight loss is our lack of information and tips on how food and exercise work in our bodies. Most of us follow diets without understanding what we are doing, or why.

These guides are almost like having a special advisor for dieting leading you every step of the way. I was able to see the effort put forth by the diet developers, so it is important having this tips and information. I would not only recommend these guides as part of a "diet" but as part of a new lifestyle.

Here are some important points worth mentioning

• Quality: This is a well-researched guide with necessary resources and science-based plan that will offer users with positive results.
• Simple to use: The language is easy to follow and the diet contains adequate foods and daily exercise on a step by step guide.
• Cost: The diet plan costs $99 for the complete four guides. However, the brand offers the product at $45. I think that is a reasonable price considering all the effort put into it. Additionally, I am a professional writer and I would have a hard time pricing so much on these well-researched guides for just $45.

Delivery options: All you have to do is to visit the website at https://di.et and fill your information, email address and select a method of payment. When you make payment a link will be sent to you via your email address. Click on the link in your email address to sign up and follow the diet plan.

NOTE: Remember this is a digital product; you can carry this program on your mobile phones and laptop. Make sure you download the guides or keep the link to the guides saved for easy access online whenever you need it.

15 Day Diet Plan Results

diet plans results

The outcome of the 15-day diet weight loss plan can be noticed on the first day, provided you followed the plan strictly. The plan is for a short plan and offers the best results, so it all depends on you to follow the prescribed program in order.
What is the best method to lose weight? Can the 15-day diet plan work for me? How can I lose weight within 15 days?
It is possible to lose weight up to a pound in 24 hours, and this plan is designed to provide the best shortcuts to lose weight.

NOTE: All human bodies work differently and in most cases, you may or may not need to lose all the 15 pounds. The best result for all bodies under normal conditions is 7-15 pounds after the program. Please do not try to force yourself to lose weight, because this is very dangerous to your health.

Can vegetarians follow this diet plan?

Yes, vegetarians can follow this diet plan because it offers many meal replacement options. However, I plan to use some of the vegetarian's recipes as part of my special meal options to try new things.

Can I practice it for a long period?

It is a short-term plan, I will recommend you follow the 15 days plan and move to the maintenance phase. However, if you do not follow the plan properly you may not get the proper results. The website suggests 7-day wait period before each guide.

What is the content of this 15-day diet plan? Will I get a hard copy?

The four guides included in the program contain one topic each: exercise, food, maintenance, and supplement. The four guides are delivered on digital devices for your convenience. It is easy to carry the four guides everywhere on your laptop, iPods and Smartphone.

Supplementary materials

There are extra materials that you can get from the website such as:
1. A recipe handbook that includes more than 100 recipes to add variety to the maintenance stage. I am excited about this book because I enjoyed the meal options.
2. The material also includes capsilex sport, a supplement that enhances metabolism.
3. Elective cleansing tea

Is the diet plan secure?

The diet program main focus is on four basic things: eating proper foods, hydrating, exercising, and maintaining a low-calorie balance. These are the best methods to lose weight quickly. The program does not include unsafe weight loss practices. In addition, always seek advice from your primary care provider before you start the exercise program.

What I dislike about the 15-day diet plan.

The main thing I dislike about the program is that I was used to low carbohydrates diets that would boost weight loss by conquering the eating of carbohydrates. You are aware of the outcome, especially when you include too many carbohydrates to your food menu.
This program entails eating in a disciplined and balanced way. Unfortunately, thousands of people residing in America are not used to that either, which leads to our obesity outbreak.

What if it doesn't work for me? Do I get money back guarantee?

Yes, the website provides a 75-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. This is amazing because most diet plans offer a lot of things so as to avoid refunds.
If you mess up with this diet and attempt it up to 5 times, you can get your money back (15 days x 5= 75 days). I am sure that you will not get to that point, though. When you follow the plan the second day, you will be clear of what to expect from the plan.

What makes this plan different? The 15-day diet plan vs. 3 others

diet plan for 15 days

Diet 1: 8-day Diet Plan

Claim: How to lose 12 pounds within 8 days.
Method: Extreme cut in calories. Food consumption limitations. Specific foods to be eaten.
Staple foods: Lemons, apple, vinegar, water, cucumbers, leafy greens.
Breakfast: This will consist of lemon and water, at least 2 fruits after 60 minutes.
Lunch: It can be salad with some proteins (boiled chicken or egg)
Snack: Basic veggies can be eaten; it is another green salad, with no proteins.
Dinner is one last salad
Exercise: Not specified, but optional

What makes 15-DAY exceptional? – The 15-day diet program provides better meal options, step by step guide to follow, adequate exercise plan and more chances to get used to the diet plan.

diet plan day two

Diet 2: The Biggest Weight Loser 7 Day Diet

Claim: To offer a quick 7 days weight loss.
Method: Food consumption limitations. Specific foods to be eaten. Support exercise
Staple foods: fruits, lean protein, vegetables.
Plan: The plan includes 3 meals, 2 snacks per day which contain: 45% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 25% fats.

Exercise – 1 hour 30 minutes of exercise, 4 times in 7 days.

What makes 15-DAY exceptional? – The 15-day diet program is recommended for fast weight loss for short-term goals. The 7-day biggest weight loser is a beginner plan for a lifelong option and it sticks to the diet plan for a long period. It may not lead to weight loss quickly as the 15-day plan does.

diet plan day 3

Diet 3: Dr. Oz's 7-day crash diet

Claim: Fast weight loss within 7 days.
Method: This plan entails the 90/10 rule: 90% nutrient-dense foods and 10% of healthy oils, meat and dairy
Food intake restrictions. Specific foods to be consumed. Exercise is highly recommended.
Staple foods: fruits, beans, grains, veggies, fruits, seeds, and nuts.
Plan: The 90/10 rule and the eating of berries, mushrooms, and onions, that usually cut the blood supply to fat cells
What makes 15-DAY exceptional?
The 15-day diet program has a progress support system that does not stop at the end of the 15 days. The maintenance program follows which makes it easier for users to stick to the diet plan.

Where can I purchase the 15-day diet plan?

You can get the diet plan directly from the official website here.


You can lose up to 15 pounds within 15 days. I will strongly advise you to try the 15-day diet plan for your fast weight loss needs.
This is one of the best weight loss plans and the best diet plan you can find out there. I enjoyed the plan's creative guides, which I can consider any time I feel moved to lose weight. You can gain all the necessary information and useful tips on the guides, and they can serve as lifelong companions.
I am sure you enjoyed the 5-day diet plan review, and I guess all your weight loss desire will be a reality. If you are doubtful, you can find out more on how the 15-day diet plan works here.

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