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Before you start lose weight, ask yourself!


Fasting is right for anyone seeking a longer, healthier, and more vibrant life. However, you may have a few other questions that you want answered to help you determine whether fasting is right for you. Here are some common questions and answers to help you make that important decision:

How well do you manage hunger? When you fast, you’ll get Unfortunately it’s unavoidable. What will make you successful is your ability to manage hunger, embrace it even. If you know that you’re a person who simply can’t tolerate any hunger of any kind (which is an issue for you to figure out why), fasting can help you get a handle on it. Fasting teaches you how to not let hunger control you.

Are you willing to commit to at least three months? Nothing works immediately. And frankly, if you’re not willing to commit to a fasting protocol for three solid months, without deviation, then you’re just not giving it a fair shot. Note that after three months, you don’t just stop. Fasting is a lifestyle a permanent change.

Can you focus and get into the right mindset? Fasting requires a cer- tain degree of mental toughness and Fasting, like exercise, is a stressor. And mild stressors, such as fasting and exercise, are required to maintain optimum health, so don’t enter fasting expecting it to be a pleasure cruise. Nothing worthwhile is ever a pleasure cruise, except  for, of course, an actual pleasure cruise, but even most of those are over- rated. For you to be successful, you must first expect to be challenged.If being challenged doesn’t sound like something you want, then fasting probably isn’t right for you.

How is your diet otherwise? Fasting won’t save you from an otherwise unhealthy Before you begin a fasting protocol, make sure you get your diet in order. To get the most from fasting, you need to eat healthily when not fasting. We recommend the Paleo Diet, which is a diet based on how your ancestors used to eat, comprised mostly of meats, seafood, nuts, vegetables, and fruit, while omitting sugar, flour, and grains.

What do you think of exercise? To get the most out of fasting, you need to incorporate some form of exercise into your Indeed you can fast without exercising, but you’ll be missing out on the full spectrum of physical and mental benefits if you do. Fasting and exercise actually work to boost the benefits of each other.

How is your lifestyle otherwise? Fasting can do some amazing It can heal conditions, boost immunity, burn fat, and increase productivity. But fasting is best served in conjunction with other healthy habits. Before beginning a fasting protocol, we recommend that you also introduce other healthy habits into lifestyle as well, such as physical exercise, because fasting works to boost all the positive effects of exercise.

Do you have a support system? When starting something such a as new diet or exercise program, people tend to adhere for longer and more strictly when they begin with a friend, family member, or Before embarking on your fasting journey, seek out someone who might wish to join you, so that you can hold each other accountable. This is an effective way to ensure progress. To get the most out of your support system, force each other to keep a food journal, detailing your fasting periods and everything else you eat throughout the week.

Improtant!  What gets measured gets managed. Keeping a food journal forces you to think twice before you put something into your mouth. It often helps deter you from making poor food choices, even if you don’t have a support system to share the food journal. If keeping a full food log of everything you eat throughout the week sounds like too much, then snap a picture of it on your phone before you eat it. Doing so can make you think twice before putting junk food into your mouth.

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