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If possible, end your fast hungry, but not ravenous


Sometimes life gets in the way. If for some reason you have to stop your fast, we hope you think through the decision before doing so. If you have no other course of action, when you do end a fast, keep these pointers in mind to help so you can get as much from your fast as possible:

  • If possible, end your fast hungry, but not That is, don’t try to fast for longer than you’re able to at first, because doing so can increase the likelihood of binging post fast. Gradually increase the length of your fasting periods. If you’re ravenous when you do end, be careful about binging.
  • Eat high-fiber, low calorie When coming off your fast, fill up first on food that takes up space with few calories, such as cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli or cauliflower. Doing so can help to initially settle your hunger without consuming too many calories. Stay away from foods with high calories and high fat, such as pizza and burgers.
  • Eat until you’re satisfied, not You don’t have to clean the plate every time. Eat until you’re good and satisfied, but put the fork down before you stuff yourself silly.

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