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Your Exercises with Micro Fasting

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Exercise is a critical factor for biological growth and rejuvenation. Engaging regularly in physical activity, especially bouts of short and intense exercise, is something everyone should do, no matter whether they’re fasting or not. Specifically, integrating micro fasting with your exercise plan can help you create the ultimate weapon to combat obesity, aging, and illness.

When micro fasting, you should work out at the end of your 16-hour fast, so that immediately upon completion of your workout or soon thereafter, you  can resume eating. Everyone ought to engage regularly in physical activity, especially bouts of short and intense exercise.

Timing your exercise at the end of your micro fast can give you a couple very important benefits:

  • Fasting actually amplifies the effects.
  • When you work out at the end of your fast, you can be sure that your first meal after your fast which should also be your largest meal is going toward repairing and building lean muscle tissue, and not being stored as body fat (as long as you don’t overdo it, by eating a truly preposterous amount of food).

Try to get some form of exercise before every meal, because doing so helps to allocate nutrition to your muscles rather than body fat. Even a very brief workout no more than five minutes is enough to ensure that your muscles get priority. But there’s a catch: The workout has to be relatively intense. Short lived, but intense.


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